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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Loving leftovers

It's no secret that kitchens are overwhelmed this week...most people have already started their Thanksgiving prep.  I don't think anyone needs any more recipe ideas for tomorrow.

What you might need, though, is an idea for what to do with all those damn leftovers.  Well, I have two:

1.  You invite your close friends over the day after Thanksgiving and instruct them all to bring their leftovers, as well as a bottle (or two) of wine.  This is no longer known as Black Friday in the lives of those who have this tradition.  Instead, it's known as one of the best days of the year...The Leftovers Party (or, in this year's case, my 6th anniversary...but I digress).  More on this tradition to come next week...

2.  You soften up some cream cheese and stir in some of that yummy leftover cranberry sauce.  Slice a bagel, pull apart an english muffin, or perhaps scrounge up a biscuit (but really, are there ever any biscuits leftover?).  Now spread lots of goodness on both sides.  Generously.  

Take it easy on Friday morning and enjoy this super quick breakfast.  Then talk to your friends about starting up that leftovers party tradition :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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At November 24, 2011 at 7:02 AM , Blogger Joanne said...

A leftovers party sounds AWESOME. This way you also get new ideas for next year!

I love leftover cranberry sauce on peanut butter sandwiches. :)


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